Adventures of TRON


Adventures of TRON is a satellite of the game Armagetron Advanced and serves as a repository of resources developed by player sinewav. Armagetron Advanced is the uncontested leader of multi-player lightcycle racing games, serving thousands of users worldwide during the height of its popularity. Adventures of TRON is a brand of experimental servers, mods, and tournament tools, plus art and music. Other satellites include,, and Additional contributions by sinewav are on the official Armagetron wiki.

Project Archive

Badge Creator

Generate achievement badges for your tournament wins! Also, here are obsoleted designs for those who prefer them.


A proposed scheme for the 0.4 release, created before then remixed after my Argon mod.


Music inspired by and written for Armagetron. A re-edit of one track is featured in the promotional video above.

3D Cycle

3D-printed, hand painted Armagetron Cycles. (Source files available)

Ladle Tools

Historical archive. These tools were used between 2010 and 2016 before the tournament's restructuring. Only the Bracket Combiner has any practical use today.

Arma T-Shirt

Historical archive. Limited edition glow-in-the-dark design. Sold out!


Lightcycle racing re-imagined as a turn-based strategy game. More fun than expected!